This page will soon include the stories of some immigrant physicians and/or their families and the serious harms they have experienced because of the defective system of integration of foreign trained physicians into the healthcare system of Canada.

We understand that sharing these private aspects of ones personal life requires huge sacrifice and courage. Therefore, we really appreciate those immigrant physicians who feel responsible to the public and other immigrant physicians and step forward for sharing their stories with us in hopes of changing this flawed system and preventing these harms from happening to other immigrant physicians. 

Although it is preferable to include the full legal name of physicians in these stories, we may include the stories with first names, nicknames or anonymously here. Of course, we will have the full legal name of physicians in our records and will do our own research to verify the validity of stories before publishing them. 

You may visit this page again or ask us for a notification if you would like to get notified once this page includes the stories.

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